Monday, July 09, 2007

While some of us wise up...

Adrienne over at Max's Mommy is back with a beautiful post on Battered Body Syndrome. (Welcome back, Adrienne! We've missed you.)

Funny, I read Adrienne's post after only 4 hours sleep last night. Why you ask???

...Luckily, it was for a good reason...

I went to see
Rush last night in concert, celebrating their Snakes and Arrows release!

What a great show! It was my Mother's Day present from the Hubby - and well worth the $$$ he spent on it. One of the best that I have been to in a long time...probably since Queensryche and Iron Maiden toured in 1999 (oh, can you tell what music I LIKED in high school!). Finally got to let loose a bit and sing, dance and enjoy myself for a while! It amazes me that they actually sound better on stage than on their CD's - and they are pushing sixty years old!

...Of course, now I am singing Rush tunes all day now...and playing CD's on my PC...and trying to figure out which CD's I don't own...

I'm in lala land right now...and loving it.

Will be back to post what's happening later on this week - when I am not falling down asleep!

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Joy said...

Hubby will be so jealous when I tell him you heard Rush!!!