Monday, September 24, 2007

And, why were we pushing for an eval for Christopher??

Sunday morning:
Chris: "Take the drink out of your ear." (If you watch the Wonder Pets, you will get the reference)

FIL: "Take the drink out of your ear."

Chris: "Uh, what'd you say?"
Mom: "Chris, I made your noodles for lunch. After that, we will have dessert."

Chris: "Oh. the suspense is killing me!"
....And, why exactly have we been pushing for the Child Study Team evaluations, finally set for tomorrow morning??? They are going to think WE have a screw loose!

Wish us luck tomorrow... Tomorrow morning's eval will determine the program he will be in.

I will be back to finish the vacation posts...and a great post about our Day Out with Thomas trip over the weekend...


Di said...

the suspense is killing me-- too cute!! I try to stay away from the wonder pets- they are a little annoying--- "this is getting ser-wious"...blah blah.
keep us posted, good luck :)

The Town Criers said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Am I so out-of-the-loop? I've never heard of wonder pets. Now I have google work to do...