Friday, June 27, 2008

Watching over us for another year, our second angel

Besides it being my mom's should have been your second birthday as well, our second baby angel.

How my heart misses you... But, with the new set of eyes in our house and so much wonder and knowledge passed through them, I know you are here with us. Protecting our baby Gabriel and our family.

Happy birthday, little one. I love you...and I will never forget the time you were with us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am sorry for your losses. As a person who has been through it, I have some idea how you feel.

The rest of my comment is off topic, but I would really like to say this to you. I was surfing infertility sites this a.m. and read this comment you wrote on the anonymouseandcheese blog:

"My last m/c - the hardest for me emotionally - was relatively overlooked by most friends and family, like I was a pro at losing pregnancies. No cards, flowers, phone calls - or meals - were sent. That hurt…and will always be something I will remember."

Just wanted you to know how much you helped this anonymous stranger in Maine with those words. I had four miscarriages between 1994 and 1999, never a successful pregnancy, and my husband left me because he wanted "his own children." I live a life surrounded by what the coming2terms blogger calls "momzillas" and I don't even know anyone who has ever had one miscarriage, let alone four. I had to do all the healing on my own. I *SO* understand what you mean by people just disregarding it, like I was "a pro at it" after going through it four times.

So happy for you that you got your miracle! And thank you again for the comment above. You'll never know how much it helped me this morning just to see out of the blue, after not having thought about it for years, that someone else "gets it." I know that the two you have do not "make up for" the three you no longer have, and I wish you continued healing along with the happiness. Best wishes to you!