Sunday, June 15, 2008

Only a little while longer...

...and E2 will be here.

I am 40 wks, 5 days today...and no sign of impending labor. So, I am heading in for an induction tonight...and E2 will be here sometime tomorrow.

Here is one last belly pic, taken this morning on the eve of his arrival:


I can't believe this time is here...and, as much as I would have liked to go into labor on my own, it is nice to be able to take my time in packing my things for the hospital, spending some last quality time with Chris as an only child, and thinking about how much things are going to change in this house in less than 24 hours.

I honestly never thought I would be here, waiting for another child to enter into our lives. Looking back across the almost three years we were TTC our second...and the babies we still feels unreal that E2 is almost here. He was so very wanted. So very needed. But, there is one thing I know in my heart now: His arrival was a lesson for me in patience, faith, letting go, yet always appreciating the time I did have with my angels.

Someone has posted on one of the FF boards how, after her loss, she longed to get PG again so she could replace the child she lost in her miscarriage. E2, as much as he is loved already, for me, is not a replacement for the angels that surround us. He can't be - My angels had their own souls, own time, own love to give, although their time with me was brief. E2 has come to us in the right time...when I was finally able to let go of the hurt I carried for so long and began to live my life again. I am not sure how possible another PG would have been without having truly dealt with my sadness, my anger, my loss of faith in everything. And, as months of worry and anxiety over whether I would make it this far come to a close, I am so thankful to those who helped me through it all (in my BG's, through the blogging community and those in "real life" who took the time to care). I could not have gone through this journey without you.

I will check in with pics and details as soon as I am able...I am hoping the hospital has internet access. ;)


The Town Criers said...

This is so crazy--tonight! Sending good thoughts for an easy delivery and easy recovery. And many snuggles in those first days.

amy said...

OMG - I am so excited for you@ Sending you easy L&D!!

Best wishes,


Tiffany aka Samar said...

Good luck, Tina! I hope that you're already holding little E2 but if not, he'll be out shortly! You look beautiful! :-D

DD said...

I will have to use my imagination for today and wonder if you've already delivered or if you're still "enjoying" the labor pains.

We can't wait for the update (and you look great for almost 41w)!

Jessica said...

Im so happy for you and this long awaited miracle of yours. I can't wait to "see" him. I've been praying for a wonderful and healthy delivery.

r_is_moody said...

Anxiously awaiting an update!!! Can't wait to see how cute little
E2 is.

Tiffany aka Samar said...

Congrats Tina and welcome to the world baby Gabriel!