Thursday, November 22, 2007

A bittersweet Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day...a rather mixed bag for 2007.

As we celebrate the beginning of the holidays with both sets of families, we get to announce today the new, unexpected addition to the clan.

But, as we break the news to the family that doesn't know, we are also remembering that two years ago today, we lost Angel #2.

It will be a different experience, getting to tell the bulk of the family at 11+ weeks pregnant, since I was able to hide this pregnancy (for the most part). The lack of the mega-nausea has been nice.

But, while I am very happy to finally share the news, I still miss, very much, my second Angel. Life changed so much for us - for me - two years ago. This loss brought me way down emotionally to a point I never thought I could reach. Losing this baby was my first major fall, followed in March 2006 with the fall even further of losing Angel #3. It has taken me so, so long to recover from losing these babies...

Although I am still having a hard time feeling comfortable with the idea of this baby staying with us, and making it to June, I am beginning to feel hope and faith that my body will do its job. I haven't felt this way since my pregnancy with Chris. It feels's been a while.

I am so very thankful today - for so many things: My Chris, my marriage, this new blessing, my family and friends...and the chance to learn from, remember, honor and cherish always my angels, who I know are watching over us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May this holiday season bless everyone.


amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tina! I hope you have a great day with your dh, Chris and baby bean.

Tiffany aka Samar said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tina! God has the most amazing way of surprising us all when we least expect it. I hope you had a wonderful time with your whole family today :)

Di said...

Big hugs and thanks to you Tina. I know you made it through the day, and if it werent for your angels you wouldnt be where you are today- in the "refurbished form" (i couldnt think of how to put it!), you have come a long way, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and you have said you have changed for the better- back to the way you were long ago- and I think it is a blessing having this baby with you. I am very happy for you and your angels are looking out for you :)
Take care
love dianne

ultimatejourney said...

Happy belated thanksgiving. I'm glad you had some happiness to ease the sorrow of the anniversary of your loss.