Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great things come in...

...Blue packages.

Yep, you guessed it. I will be outnumbered in my house:


But, we have healthy...growing perfectly on target for 18 weeks, 2 days with ten fingers, ten toes, perfect heart, perfect everything. We are happy....and so relieved, halfway through this pregnancy.

Now, we have to think about names... "C's" and "K's" since that is what we have in our little family. But, we have time for that...and won't decide specifically until he arrives into this world. However, it is a shame I can't reuse "Christopher" since, looking at the u/s pics, this little boy will look just like him (especially in the second pic):




And, here is a pic from when Chris was only six weeks old:


And, at 3 1/2 years old:


The resemblance is rather uncanny...even for siblings.

The one thing, though, that is left for worry is that although my cervix via u/s is nice and closed and measuring perfectly in length, the doctor at the MFM clinic wants me back in for another u/s in two weeks for a re-check. He could see via the u/s "trauma" to the cervix and asked if I had had surgery in the past. When I told him I was induced with Chris (Cervidil and balloon catheter to get to 4 cm's, then Pitocin to get to 10 cm's) and had two d&c's (which requires service dilation), he said it should be re-checked. So, I will be back for another view on 1/24. Thank goodness for will be nice to see the little man again.

I think, finally, I can have some comfort in this pregnancy... E2 (or Elvis 2, since we called Chris "Elvis" while pregnant with him because we didn't find out the gender in that pregnancy) is perfect. He is healthy.

I couldn't ask for more, now could I?


Aurelia said...

Congratulations of having a BOY!!! Yay, to us moms of boys. Take care of yourself, I hope all the stresses you are dealing with get better soon. Things have to get better in the new year, right?

Sunny said...

Wonderful news!!!!

Anonymouse said...

Healthy is a beautiful word.

I'm thrilled for you!

amy said...

Congrats, Tina! Yeah - another mommy with two boys - I was starting to feel lonely out here - ha,ha. I'm so happy that everything is well with Elvis 2! I hope all is well with you and Chris - how's school going?

Val said...

Such good news. There are a lot of options with C or K. I'm sure you'll think of something. Heck you could always do Kristopher just to be different LOL

neko said...

*big huge smile* That's fantastic news healthy and beautiful pictures. I'd say the best thing about having a high risk pregnancy, was the 3d photos by far. Maybe the only good thing. ;)

Besides the end product that is. *hugs*

geepeemum said...

Sorry this is late but congratulations... And I'm delurking just to add what a beautiful son you have! (well, 2 now, but I meant Christopher!)